Practicing Tae Kwon Do is highly recommended for an incredible array of ailments, and we are happy to work with anyone. To know if a martial arts school is right for you, look at the instructors. Many of our instructors and masters are parents with children who also train. Those without children have extensive experience with working with children and martial arts learning. All of our instructors are highly ranked and knowledgeable with diverse backgrounds. Our personal instruction comes through Grand Master Rose’s guidance,via the top Grand Masters in Kukkiwon, in Seoul, South Korea. We have worked with many city, state, and federal institutions and have trained people of all ages. All of our instructors or masters are either World Class referees, state, national, or international competitors. Many schools claim to be a “Black Belt School”, but here at KICK’S Tae Kwon Do…
“We are a Master School!!!!”

Grand Master Ronald Rose.