Closed tonight, 6/7/23

We are sorry to say that we have to cancel all classes tonight, Wednesday, June 7th due to an illness and injury of our staff.  We hope this isn’t an inconvenience for you.  We will be back on Thursday, June 8th.

Updated Schedule

The Monday, Wednesday, Friday adult day class has been updated to start at 11:30am instead of 11:00am.

In order to give more concentrated instruction to the new white belts, Friday and Saturday classes are being split. White belts will have their class at 5:30 and 10:30 Friday and Saturday as before. All other belts will have their class at 6:30 and 11:30.

We’re Back!

We are back in session!! Although we felt it necessary to close the Studios due to the weather and driving conditions, we have reopened as of Wednesday, February 17th! We thank you for understanding as we want to keep all our families safe!

If you were scheduled and missed your testing on Monday, we will have testing tonight during class time.

If you are in doubt about any further Studio closings, please feel free to call us at 734-728-3027.

We look forward to seeing you back at class!!

Grandmaster Rose and Staff

Studio Closed 2/15 and 2/16 for Weather

Our normal policy is to close the Studios for the day if the Wayne-Westland schools are closed due to weather. As we cannot go by that example at this time, we must make an independent decision looking out for the well-being and safety of our students and families.

Due to the predictions of 5-8″ of snow starting this evening, we will be closed tonight, Monday, February 15th. For those students who were supposed to test for their next geup rank tonight, we will reschedule testing for Wednesday night during class time.

Due to uncertainties about how the snow will be cleared in time and road conditions, we will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16th as well.

This effects both the Wayne and Livonia studios.

Watch your emails for any further updates.

Stay warm and stay safe,

Grandmaster Rose and KICKS Staff

Studio Reopening!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Kicks has been mindful of the health recommendations and restrictions set by state agencies. With the recent easing of those restrictions, Kicks will be opening the studio for classes starting tomorrow January 19th.

Masks, social distancing, and health screenings will still be required, as well as our limit on spectators. None of that will stop us from having a good, strong workout.

See you on the mats!

In-studio classes are back!

Please check the updated schedule, we’re back! We are taking the necessary safety precautions. Masks are required in the studio and we are performing temperature and health screenings upon entering the studio. Class times are being reduced by 15 minutes to allow a window of time between and cut down on how many are in the studio at once.

Hope you see you on the mat soon!

…not until September

Following state guidelines, the studio will not be open until September. Zoom classes are still continuing as well as classes in the park by Kicks and MAT.